Sushi Cafe

November 28, 2007

This past Thanksgiving was excessive in a number of ways. The holiday eating extended far into the weekend. Fortunately, it gave me the opportunity to discover the best sushi place I’ve been to in a while: the Sushi Cafe.

The plan was to go to Futami’s, a delicious (if a little pricey) Japanese place on the corner of Fruitridge and Freeport, with a few friends. However it was closed, much to our chagrin. Dismayed, my friends and I began driving aimlessly down Freeport towards Oto’s market, searching for an alternate. We found it a little ways down Freeport, located on the right hand side just before Sutterville road.

The Sushi Cafe is pretty much a hole in the wall joint. On the inside it’s small, with probably only about 11 or 12 tables. The food was great, best udon I’ve ever had. However, what makes this restaurant amazing were the prices. 6 bucks for udon? Really? I’m there.

The nigiri is also well priced, averaging $2.50 for two pieces. The rolls are also very reasonable. They are big, fresh, and delicious. At between $5.00 to $11.00 a roll, they are also a fantastic deal.

The next time your in the Freeport area, be sure to check out Sushi Cafe. It’s worth the trip, especially if you’re looking for a good deal.

2 Responses to “Sushi Cafe”

  1. […] Stingy Sacramento Sushi November 29, 2007 Posted by David Smith in California, Links, Sacramento, Sushi. Tags: Cheap Eats trackback Found a post today about great cheap sushi in Sacramento on Eatin’ Sushi in Sacramento’s blog. Apparently this blogger has dreams of highlighting the best cheap sushi in Sacramento, but after four months he only has one review. But one is better than nothing! Check it out here.  […]

  2. David Smith said

    Great find. I posted a link to your review on my blog,, where I search for the best Cheap Eats around America.

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